When you purchase water from LeSage Natural, you are not a 'customer'...you are a partner with us! This page is where we brag about them just a little!

Learn more about LeSage Natural's long-time partner Hillbilly Hot Dogs       

You've probably heard about 'em, and you may have even seen 'em on TV! One of our close neighbors (just 3 miles down the road from LeSage Natural), Hillbilly Hotdogs is one of our funnest (!) partners, and what a partner they are; they're world famous and a destination that definitely has to be experienced to appreciate! This place is so unique people travel from all over the country to wander the grounds and eat awesome weenies and hamburgers in or on top of a school bus! (Try the Homewrecker weenie! As they say, "It's 15 inches of pure eatin' pleasure!!")

You can even renew yer weddin' vows there! Just be sure to learn 'The Weenie Song' before you visit ... sing it for 'em (in tune or outta tune ... it don't matter!) and get a free scoop of ice cream or an original Hillbilly Hotdog! And don't forget to order their bottled water with the Hillbilly Hotdog label ... it comes straight from LeSage Natural! World famous weenies and international award-winning water within 3 miles of each other? Hmmmm ..... must be somethin' in the water!

Check out their website ... it will make you laugh out loud! Honestly, there's no way we can do them justice here, so we'll simply let them tell you their story! Check 'em out at www.hillbillyhotdogs.com!


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